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Debra Jones Healing Centre

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Debra Jones Healing Centre

River Road

Who is Debra Jones?

  • A REIKI MASTER specializing in stress, anxiety & depression
  • The featured Reiki Master in THE WELLNESS STORY
  • Runs a wellness centre, teaches certification classes and helps other healers MAKE HEALING YOUR BUSINESS
  • The founder of RED TENT ONTARIO - where women gather
  • Regional coordinator for GATHER THE WOMEN
  • A MIRTHWALK Healer and contributor

...and passionate about helping people heal anything in the way of a healthy, joyful life.


Voted #1 in Dufferin County Reader's Choice Awards in 2017

BEST Alternative Health Professional

BEST Natural Health Care

BEST Learning Centre

BEST Promotional Service

BEST Website



A Lightworker

Debra is passionate about being a catalyst for change, harmony, and peace and is excited when she sees the light shine where there was once only darkness.


Helping you navigate and ‘master’ your major life changes, she empowers and reconnects you to your authentic self, where you can access your own higher wisdom.


A certified Reiki Master/Teacher she blends healing modalities into a unique healing session. Her broad depth of knowledge, expertise, and intuition - blended with her passion for helping others - makes Debra perfect for her role as a healing facilitator.  She sees herself as a bridge to help you get from where you are, to where you want to be.


A Changemaker

She’s an adept problem solver, known for gracefully changing course and adjusting quickly to new environments or challenges.


So, it’s no wonder that Debra shines as she simultaneously manages her busy healing practice, teaches certification classes, designs and creates healing gemstone jewellery and tinctures, as well as mentoring healers in creating their own successful business - from business planning, website creation, and marketing, to clearing energetic blockages to success.


Currently writing a book to help healers - 'THE SUCCESSFUL HEALER - A go-to manual when feeling out of balance in any aspect of your business or life' - when she's not writing, in session or teaching, she’s using Feng Shui and Space Clearing to harmonize the environment, or creating new ways to help the world become a better place.