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Orangeville Urgent Care Pharmacy (Pharma Save)

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Orangeville Urgent Care Pharmacy (Pharma Save)

33 A Broadway Avenue, Unit 3
Orangeville, ON    L9W 1J7

Welcome to Orangeville Urgent Care Phramasave.

We have great team of Pharmacist, please vote for

Beena Kantawala


Orangeville Urgent Care has a team of high-spirited and knowledgeable pharmacists, located in the heart of Orangeville at 33A Broadway Avenue and its your one stop shop for all your healthcare needs.

We excel in providing various home healthcare products, diabetic care and blood pressure monitoring. As well as, providing free delivery anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area, Orangeville and surrounding communities.

Our friendly staff will be pleased to assist you for all prescription services, and can provide a wide variety of specialty compounding services. We are happy to inform that we are a PCC certified compounding specialist, always keeping the patients best interests in mind.

Our free services include but no limited to following services.

  1. Easy prescription transfer
  2. Blister pack
  3. Medical reviews
  4. One on one consultations

We also provide following services at nominal charge

  1. FlavourX                                                                                                                          

Pharmacy can add your child’s favourite flavour to any liquid medication.

  1. HBA 1c %                                                                                                             

Pharmacist can check your past three months blood sugar level by a simple single test within minutes.

  1. Cardio Check                                                                                                      

If you are concern about your heart and cholesterol report talk to your pharmacist for complete Lipid profile, cardio vascular disease and your metabolic syndrome.